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Friends turned business partners whilst working in the corporate setting, Angelica and Dorothy wanted to solve the problem of 'beating the 3pm slump'. To give people the tools and tricks they've learnt to be proactive about holistic health.


Naturally being the go-to for colleagues, friends and family to support their health journey, The 3pm Box team deep dived into Health Coaching with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches.

Meet Dorothy

Specialty as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Helping clients make lifestyle changes to have the energy and time to live their dream life 


What personal challenges have you overcome?

My journey into the health and wellness space started with a case of glandular fever in my early-twenties, which affected my immune system and energy levels for half a year. During this time I had barely enough energy to leave my house for work every day, let alone anything else. One day I took matters into my own hands, starting with the guidance of a Naturopath helped heal my body through a natural approach. 

Since then I have been educating, experimenting and healing myself using holistic principles, and have realised there is a solution to every problem, if we just to stop to listen to our bodies; the ‘little red pill’ will mask the symptoms for a little while, but a look at all areas of your life will address to the root cause and free you to lead the life you want. 

How has The 3pm Box changed your life?

It’s given me a channel to share my experience and knowledge. While the health and wellness industry has been booming in recent times and an area of focus for more people, it’s also become harder to navigate through the fads, diets and ‘fake healthy’ alternatives making it challenging for those who are wanting to make a changes in their lives find the right and sustainable answer. My passion is in sharing the principles and theories that have supported me in my wellness journey with as many as I can. 

Top tip for beating The 3pm Slump

Your evening routine; planning for the day ahead through practical means; your meals and clothes, and mentally; your intentions for the day, and getting enough sleep will set you up for success!

Meet Angelica

Specialty as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Creating sustainable habits.


I thrive when helping clients set the goal they really want and motivated to achieve and the action plan on how they are going to get there. My role is to provide the tips and tricks to ensure they show up each day, hold them accountable and ultimately watch them fulfil their goals-long term.


What personal challenges have you overcome?

Stripping back and setting aside self love time has my main challenge.


With many areas to personal growth and holistic health I've found myself filling my weeks with activities, events, work, working out etc. that I lost track of 'me time' and rest. I now schedule in what I call ‘white space’ into my week where I get to do whatever I want. I may do personal development work, I may write, read, take a bath or watch TV. I set aside that time every week for me to do as I please and decide on the day what to fill my time up with depending on how I feel.

How has The 3pm Box changed your life?

Personal development for me was a lonely road. I found myself changing friendship groups which was really hard and I found myself surrounded by people who didn't really understand what I was going through.


Building this business opened me to finding my soul tribe – the people who get me, help me uplevel and people I have found amazing friendships from. 

Top tip for beating The 3pm Slump

If you're on the holistic health journey you'll soon find out that everything is a flow on affect. A late night can steer you from getting to your workout, to reaching for coffee and sweets to keep you going.

Practising mindfulness is key to catching yourself on autopilot. Being present can help pivot your actions to choose those that help you thrive past 3pm.

Mindfulness can be anything from taking a deep breath, journalling, yoga to meditation.

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