We know you're a team player. Workshops an amazing way to engage a team and business and SHOW them your commitment to their health and wellbeing. The aim of our workshops is to FRONT LOAD BALANCE. 

What does this mean?

A proactive approach. We want to give you and your team the information, tips and tricks and what to implement into your life NOW so that when times do become stressful and fall out of balance you are more resilient to tackling this task or situation. 

Benefits to the workshop will continue well beyond the workshop day- 


  • Get the team off-site to learn about front loaded wellbeing strategies in a fun way

  • Health and wellness tactics to beat the 3pm slump that can be brought back to the office and home

  • Learn how to implement sustainable health focused habits

  • Feel good endorphins and getting the heart rate up from a workout session

  • One day you don't need to think about cooking!

  • A take home 3pm Box each!

  • Weekly support from our team for a month following the workshop

  • Half day or full day workshop

  • Offsite location 

  • Health and wellness workshop activities that are tailored to the workplace or employee health goals

  • Wholesome breakfast/lunch, snacks and drinks

  • Mediation sessions

  • Movement session (i.e. yoga, pilates)

  • A more motivated and energised team excited to meet health goals and create balance to beating the 3pm slump

what to expect

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