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We have been observing the impact on COVID-19 and have adapted our services to meet the changing needs of individuals and businesses during these challenging and changing times.

These services are developed to support the health and wellness of employees in Australia which is more important now than ever before.


We want to offer a helping hand to your team to make informed decisions and initiatives that can enhance your team's wellbeing.


Ideas to being your best each day

Current challenge:

  • Ability to provide effective information on how employees can take control of their wellness

  • Ability to provide effective information about work and 'home life' balance

Our solution:

  • Free one pagers with easy to implement wellness ideas that cater to disruption of COVID-19 (see below)

  • Rollout support

Health & Wellbeing Program Consulting

Current challenge:

  • We haven't reacted quickly enough to roll out a tailored health & wellbeing program that will support the team through COVID-19 disruption

  • We dont have capacity to set this up virtually

  • We don't have effective ideas on what we should implement


  • Collaborative ideation session of health and wellness initiatives tailored to your business culture

  • Rollout support

What health programs & initiatives are others offering?

Current challenges:

  • We are unaware if we're doing enough to support the team during this time

  • We're not informed on the market response to help guide if our wellness initiatives matter

Our solution:

  • Evaluate current and planned wellness initiatives in the market tailored to similar organisations and consolidate key findings.

  • Provide recommendations o additional initiatives to implement 

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1:1 health coaching

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