Uplevelling your team, the workplace 

and tribe

Presentations & workshops

We curate an engaging session for your team. 
Our topics range from (our favourite) beating the 3pm slump, right through to sustainable habit setting, holistic health in the workplace and how to set boundaries. 
We get to know you
Every team has a particular culture. We understand the areas your team wants to focus on so we can shape the perfect session for you
Time commitment
We hold workshops and presentation from 30 minutes- right through to full day workshops. 
We follow up
We know that although a presentation can be motivating, only a small percentage of the team will go away actioning, altering or changing.Knowing this, we follow up with articles, and activities to give the team another opportunity to action what inspired them
Popular presentation &
workshop topics
  • Front Load Balance

  • Setting Holistic health goals

  • Thriving Past 3pm

  • Detoxify To Thrive

  • Habit Setting

  • Mindfulness

Quit procrastinating & achieve your goals

Weekly group workshops - limited spots available only in June 2020 

What you will achieve:

1) Clarity on the healthy habit that you want to add into your life

2) A tailored action plan to imbed this habit into your day/week

3) Start to develop an understanding on how to make the habit last

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Start achieving your goals

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