Your skin tells the truth.

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

As we start to well and truly work our way into spring by nourishing our bodies, soul and minds, it’s not uncommon that we can forget to take a step back and listen to what our bodies are actually telling us! This is where Skin Mapping comes in.

Skin mapping is your skin being the ultimate reflection of how your insides are going, such as your liver and kidneys. Whilst there are plenty of factors related to blemishes or dry skin, most of the time what is happening on your face is actually a cry for help from elsewhere. Jumping into the warmer months, these areas of the face are incredibly important to pay close attention to.

Between the eyebrows

Cause: Connected to stomach and liver, poor digestion and toxic build up

What you can do: Caffeine is a major factor in poor digestion, so if those between the eyebrow blemishes don’t seem to go away, try swapping out your 3pm coffee for a matcha latte or some cold water.

Temples and brow line

Cause: Related to dehydrated and overworked kidneys.

What you can do: water is always good for your kidneys, as well as prioritising berries in your diet that are packed with antioxidants, that can do the trick too!

Bridge of nose and upper area of cheeks

Cause: Connected to the heart.

What you can do: Increase your good cholesterol and decrease your bad cholesterol. Chia seeds and raw nuts will do the trick, try opting for a home made chia pudding which are super simple to make. The following recipe is from The Nourish Melbourne fam -

Lymph nodes

Cause: swollen lymph nodes mean your body is usually fighting off an illness.

What you can do: SELF-CARE! Yoga, breathing exercises at your desk, getting out of the office; journal, embrace meditation and take time out of the day for YOU!

Your body is only here to help you, take the time to listen to what it’s saying and fight those blemishes in the process!

In addition to the wealth of information you can find online, at The 3pm Box we are always checking in to podcasts to educate ourselves on our own personal wellness journey as well as find inspiration to bring into the treat boxes that we curate for you. The top of our podcast lists (for both of us!) is Dr Stephen Carbal and Melissa Ambrosini - and this is on the weekly! We thought- "why not share these amazing resources with you"? So here they are!

Stephen Cabral talks about skin issues and causes along with other signs our body give us in these podcasts:

Melissa Ambrosini covers the hormonal side to our skin in the podcast below: