Updated: Aug 16, 2020

We talk with Cass today who is a Yoga teacher and Reiki Master (in her free time of being an CPA accredited accountant!) Cass dedicates her practices and teachings to unifying your body, mind & spirit. This is what we've learnt -


We're not the first to say that balance is key to a healthy life. When working in the corporate setting can be super yang, there are activities and things you can do in life to balance yourself and find your yin. Yoga could be a fun way to bring out that softer side to life and help practice balance.

Beat that slump

There are a wealth of benefits that come with practicing yoga and another that Cass mentions is that it can help with beating the 3pm slump by allowing the body to be more resilient to the days where you have to sit all day at a desk.

Complimentary & stand alone

As people follow different fitness and spiritual paths it was interesting to note that you don't need to incorporate other forms of exercise to compliment yoga as you can build physical and mental strength from the practice alone. However, yoga is a very good compliment to any other sports or exercises you undertake as through consistency and practice you’ll reap the mobility benefits.

Here's more of our interview -

We would love to know what first got you into Yoga and what made you want to become a teacher?

By sheer chance a heated yoga studio opened near home, knowing that I was never really a sporty person I felt like I wanted to do something for my health. From there I attended class once a week and grew to averaging 3 times a week. I fell in love with the supportiveness of the yoga community and mindful movements. After practicing for a while I realised there were countless times where either I was mistaken as a teacher or being asked for advise about yoga. When training conveniently opened at the local yoga studio (from an international instructor!) I knew couldn’t let that opportunity pass.

Yoga is definitely a ‘gotta try it to love it’ kind of exercise, what would you say to people who just haven’t tried it out?

Always have go as you never know unless you’ve tried it, there are many different teachers who have their unique style of planning a class and there are various types of yoga. Try looking for that one that 'makes your insides dance'. Importantly when you begin, have compassion towards yourself, as yoga can take time to develop hence it’s called a practice. With consistency and self-connection you’ll no doubt start to enjoy what yoga brings to your life.

Favourite 3pm snack? Whatever fruit is in season, but chocolate and chips is also good. Where’s the joy in life if you cannot indulge sometimes?

Favourite Yoga pose? Handstand and split due to the complexity & length of the journey I have been on and am still going through to pull off this pose!

Life motto?  Take opportunities as they arise & remember to have fun along the way, the universe has your back.

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