Calling Melbourne Yogis!

Hi Kacey! Tell us a bit about Kula Yoga and what we could expect if we came to your studio!

Kula is a fresh, bright and welcoming yoga studio in Hawthorn, Melbourne. We help our yogis boost energy, build strength, increase mobility and to relax through Hot Yoga, Power Flow, Slow Flow, Basics & Yin Yoga classes. We also offer classes catered to Prenatal Yoga and Yoga With Baby, as well as regular workshops and yoga retreats in Victoria and overseas each year and programs for schools and corporate groups.

What are some interesting benefits to yoga that most people might not know?

Most people are initially attracted to yoga for the physical benefits - such as building strength and mobility - and then start to enjoy the mental and emotional benefits like lowering stress, increasing focus and finding a sense of peace and calm in their day.

There are so many Yoga places, especially in Melbourne! How is Kula different?

We have a big focus on community - in fact ‘Kula’ means community in ancient sanskrit. The yogis who practice at Kula, and our amazing team of teachers are the heart and soul of our studio. We pride ourselves on being a friendly, welcoming sanctuary where everyone is encouraged to move at their own pace and to listen to their body and breath.

Your retreats look amazing! Why did you choose India for 2019 and what should people expect going into a Yoga retreat?

Mother India has been calling me for years! It was time to take our community to the birthplace of yoga and to experience the magic of India. We will start in the holy city of Rishikesh at the foot of the Himalayas and Ganges River and then travel along the ‘golden triangle’ to see the Taj Mahal, Delhi and the pink city of Jaipur. Yoga retreats are an amazing opportunity for guests to have time and space to evolve their yoga and meditation practice while exploring different cultures, sights and experiences to enrich their journey.

Finally, for the busy mums out there, how do you stay energised to run Kula and be a supermum? Life’s not boring that’s for sure! It helps that I love what I do. I love our studio and community. Yoga’s my ‘thing’ and what I need each week to stay sane and grounded. For the busy mums out there my advice if to find something that makes you feel good, that helps you fill your own cup. Get some fresh air, exercise, catch up with a friend, schedule in some ‘me time’ as well as connection time with your partner and kids.

Short fire questions

Favourite class: Power Flow

Favourite pose: Wild Thing

Favourite 3pm snack: Bliss Balls

Best way to wind down: Yoga, meditation or a glass of red wine.

First thing you do in the morning: Cuddle my kids