‘Tis the season for giving!'

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Today we've decided to share Day 9 of the 10 day Celebrate Well Challenge! Here we go!

Today's task

Try and steer away from giving material gifts today, and lean towards love and affection!

We have put together a little list of things you could do, to give a different type of giving.

  • Touch base with a friend telling them how much you care about them. This is as easy as a 10min call or text on the way home from work, gym, or supermarket

  • Give your partner x10 extra kisses next time you see them

  • Give your mum or dad a 6 second hug and mean it!

  • Donate food to a food bank

  • Donate clothes to the Salvos or Savers

  • Look to donate your time at a homeless shelter or RSPCA


  • One way of celebrating well is by giving conscious time! Utilising your importance in someone’s life to celebrate well will not only benefit you and your path to celebrating well, but we can guarantee you will be making someone’s day!

  • Although giving and receiving gifts are lovely, there’s nothing better than that rewarding feeling of giving back to the community or the less fortunate. It doesn’t have to be a toy or money donation, sometimes staple food items to the food bank or homeless shelters are all that’s needed!

  • When was the last time you hugged your mum or dad? Really hugged them? Try it and we can guarantee their face afterwards is something money can’t buy!