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Updated: Aug 16

Hi guys! First of all tell us a bit about Finn Cold Press and what you offer!

At FINN COLD PRESS, we have created a range of premium cold-pressed juices, superfood smoothies and nourishing nut milks. Our range comprises a rainbow of beautiful and natural juices, designed to celebrate pure liquid nutrition with every sip. We are inspired to create a range of quality products designed to work in synergy with the body’s natural healing functions.

Cold-pressed juice maintains the integrity of the fresh produce, enabling your body to absorb the nutrients in their purest form. The juice is extracted by pressing rather than grinding, so vital nutrients, minerals and enzymes remain undamaged, unheated and are easily absorbed.

By consuming one of these highly nutritious cold-pressed juices you are feeding your whole body with a concentrated amount of vitamins and minerals from living, fresh and natural produce. While solid foods can take hours to digest, these cold-pressed blends are quickly absorbed into your bloodstream and provide instant nourishment.

We offer a range designed by naturopaths and nutritionists, ensuring care has been invested to balance the nutritional elements of the blends. Sourcing only the best produce from local farms, we honor the integrity of quality ingredients and seasonal organic Australian produce.

For those of our followers that don’t know, can you give us some information on what a Juice cleanse is? And what are the benefits of a juice cleanse?

Juice cleansing gives your body the opportunity to replenish and reset. As you are having a break from solid foods, the digestive system is able to rest and rejuvenate, whilst your body is cleansed and hydrated by a beautiful influx of liquid nutrition. Given the amount of toxins that our livers need to process in today’s environment, a juice cleanse is the perfect antidote.

Benefits may include glowing skin, brighter eyes, improved energy and mental clarity, improved digestion, and a general feeling of wellbeing.

There’s definitely some controversy around juice cleanses! What can you say to the people who believe they’re just a quick fix? How do we continue to get all the essential nutrients?

Our philosophy is shaped around long term health goals and never deprivation, so we view a cleanse as a fabulous way to kick-start your journey towards a health goal or rediscover your optimal wellbeing by enjoying living and nutrient rich blends.Cleansing is not a quick fix, but an opportunity to reaffirm a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. First and foremost, it can be the perfect opportunity to improve eating habits and to regain an abundance of energy, emerging revitalised with skin that literally glows and energy levels that are reset. We offer post cleansing support to our clients to ensure healthier choices can be made beyond the cleanse also.

Juicing is also an amazing way to consume a significant level of nutrients from fruits and veggies in one hit. Green juices can have up to five kilograms of beautiful, fresh and nutrient dense produce, conveniently packed into one bottle, so rather than a quick fix, this is a great opportunity to reset food choices post-cleanse. Our cleanses also contain nut milks and superfood smoothies including ingredients like chai seeds and avocado which are designed by nutritionist to ensure they are full of nutrients, even for the active cleanser.

With summer right around the corner, would cleansing through summer or after the holiday seasons be beneficial?

You don’t need to do a 5-day cleanse to experience all of these amazing benefits, even doing a 1 - 3 day cleanse once a month or every couple of months will allow you to reap the rewards and feel the true benefits of a cleanse. I would certainly recommend cleansing throughout summer and the holiday period is the perfect opportunity to try a juice cleanse. Many clients also choose to do a 2 day cleanse weekly throughout the holiday season to keep some balance whilst enjoying the festive treats and social functions. Early benefits are plentiful and may include feeling lighter and your tummy may be feel a little flatter again. This can be a fantastic feeling and super motivating, helping to reset old eating habits to be replaced with healthier ones. You may experience how good it feels after cleansing to have an amazing deep, restful sleep and a soothed, happier stomach. This is the perfect way to commence the new year!

Last one! What is your personal favourite juice for a hot Australian day?

I love watermelon juice and I drink it daily throughout Summer. It is beautifully refreshing and super hydrating. Rich in the amino acid citrulline, it can hydrate at a cellular level. A wonderful source of lycopene, beta-carotene as well as lutein and zeaxanthin, I find it is perfect after exercise and may reduce inflammation or as a cleansing tonic for assisting weight loss and toning as well as elevating mood and energy. Perfect for a hot Australia Day!

Tamara Thompson

Clinical Nutritionist

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