The top 5 podcasts to help you stick to your New Year’s Resolution!

Updated: Aug 16

New Year’s Resolutions have started to become slightly controversial recently. Some people believe you shouldn’t need a new year to make change in your life, you should just jump right into change and take charge of your life whenever you have the urge to.

At The 3pm Box, we’re SO passionate about making healthy changes in your life, no matter when, the time frame or what it takes to do so (ok ok, within reason). If you need a new year to kickstart your healthier lifestyle, then you get that notebook out and you write down those resolutions! Yes, you!! If you wake up one day and decide to change some habits, that’s also the perfect time to do so! At the end of the day, the final outcome of creating healthier habits for your own health is the focus point we are all working towards.

Remember, practice makes progress ;)

So whether you made a list of New Year’s Resolutions or you’re simply hoping to consciously make healthier decisions, we have compiled our favourite podcasts to motivate you to become THE BEST POSSIBLE VERSION OF YOU!

But before we jump into our favourite podcasts, first we have to convince you why podcasts are SO GOOD!

The convenience!

The average Australian commutes 16km to work every single day. Whether you drive or take public transport, there is nothing easier than putting your headphones in or connecting your aux and immersing yourself in your interests!

Personal touch

If you’re on Pinterest, you would know that it caters to the largest range of interests. Podcasts do the same! Whether you’re into self-improvement, healthy eating or true crime, there’s a podcast for it.

They’re free!

Need we say more? Apple Music, Spotify and plenty of other streaming platforms have podcasts available at your convenience and you pay absolutely nothing. Loving one particular podcaster? You can just jump on their website and listen from there!


1. Jim Kwik

Specialty: Meta-learning

Perfect for: If your New Year’s Resolution is to learn a new language or increase your mental performance, Jim Kwik is for you!

Our favourite episode to start 2019: Episode 75 - Understanding Habit Triggers with James Clear

2. Gretchen Rubin

Specialty: Pure happiness!

Perfect for: If your New Year’s Resolution is to appreciate the little things in life and change your mindset to be...well...happier!

Our favourite episode to start 2019: Episode 185 - Make a “facts of life book”, ideas for a clutter related conflict, and a new way to tell left from right.

3. Melissa Ambrosini

Specialty: Overall self-help and self-love guru

Perfect for: If your New Year’s Resolution is to focus on you and improving yourself!

Our favourite episode to start 2019: Episode 65 - How to rise up from rock bottom and and transform your life with Danette May

4. Sahara Rose

Specialty: Religion/Spirituality Perfect for: If you really want to learn more about holistic health and a higher self, Sahara is your gal!

Our favourite episode to start 2019: Episode 46 - Ultimate way to heal yourself

5. Lori Harder

Specialty: Work hard to earn your happiness

Perfect for: If you want to be or already are a go-getter, Lori helps you work hard to be the happiest you can be. Our favourite episode to start 2019: 6 hacks to success this year with Chris Harder.

Prioritise one of these podcasts this week and tag us @the3pmbox on social media with one thing you're going to do immediately to keep working towards your health and wellness goals!