Spring into Spring

Spring! It’s so close we can ALMOST FEEL the soft warm air on our faces and hear the slow transformation of the world around us. It’s the season that excites us to imagine slow colourful days full of reading books on the grass and nights of enjoying the cool breeze at the drive-in!

There isn’t anything better than those first days where the sky is blue, and the sun is shining, and here at The 3pm Box, we are firm believers that Spring is more than just cold one day and sunny the next; it’s a TRANSITION, a really exciting transition!

We’re shedding the dry winter skin and embracing the freckles, swapping our hands wrapped around hot chocolates for iced matchas and, most importantly, embracing our favourite treats full of antioxidants that provide a healthy glow from the inside out! That’s right, we’re talking endless energy from all those organic and refined sugar free treats that we LOVE!

It’s the perfect time to shake out of a winter rut and embrace our health-focused side that we all know we have and is eager to come out; the term ‘spring cleaning’ came from somewhere right? We’re all about spring cleaning the mind, body and soul, and getting ready for new beginnings.

Scientists have found that daydreaming and restlessness are some of the symptoms associated with spring arriving as increased light, more exercise and bare skin can guide hormone levels!

So how do we start this impressive passage? Watch this space and leave that to us!