Sarah Wilson - the sweet importance of values & giving

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Here at The 3pm Box we're big fans of Sarah Wilson whose book 'I Quit Sugar' brought attention to the negative impact of sugar on our health, and led to awareness and changes in the Australian food industry with greater options to consumers. The 'no refined sugar' policy for all products in The 3pm Box is testament to this. One half of 3pm Jel, is a particularly big fan and self confessed fan girl when it comes to Sarah Wilson, having owned all her books and shared Sarah's research into the sugar industry with friends and family, and Dot at the beginning of the friendship turned business partnership. We recently saw Sarah speak at a Business Chicks event. Jel give us a run down of what was an inspiring and memorable morning:

A little background on Sarah

My first exposure to this lovely lady was through her books and business ‘I Quit Sugar’ which has since closed (2018). Sarah's first book came at a very controversial time as the information evidenced (in a nutshell) that refined sugar was unhealthy especially because of the immense amount that people were unknowingly consuming, addicted to and that led to detrimental health concerns. On another note, 'I Quit Sugar' informed the public on healthy fats. Now for those who know about the keto diet or are educated on the health benefits of 'good' fats such as avocado, nuts, coconut and olive oil, Sarah Wilson was standing behind her research at a time where ‘lite’ and 'low fat' products were filling Australian supermarket shelves and calorie deficit diets were a trend.

Since releasing he first two books, 'I Quit Sugar', and 'I Quit Sugar Again', Sarah Wilson then shared her knowledge on sustainability and low wastage ways to cook which she promoted in her book 'Simpliliscious' and 'Simpilisious Flow'. Following these, Sarah brought out another book that was very different in tone, 'First We Make The Beast Beautiful', a book about bipolar, anxiety and depression that Sarah spoke openly about, through personal experiences. Further, the book has tactics to overcome anxiety and depression.

So, here are some key takeaways from Sarah Wilson's amazing talk -

1. The importance of values.

Having crystal clear values can help you make fundamental decisions in life.

Finally I’m able to articulate that icky feeling in my stomach when I make a decision that looks so right on paper but leaves a bit of an unsettled feeling in my stomach. Have you felt that?

Sarah spoke about situations when the lack of value oriented decisions had led her to suffer physically and emotionally. This was spoken about in the context of working in a job that was very stressful and didn’t align to what she believed in. Very interestingly for the audience, the job that was spoken of was Sarah’s position as the editor in chief at Cosmopolitan. Funnily enough, Sarah had never read the magazine and didn’t read magazines in general and despite this, landed the job that led to a significant amount of stress in her life. I’m sure others sitting in the audience were thinking – ‘That’s a dream job !’ and it may be, for some.

As the talk continued, there was continual reference to the importance of values in making decisions as the benefits allow you to make quick decisions and hold comfort in the path chosen.

Following this talk, something both Dot and I did was a check in with our key values. If you’d like to do the same test we did – follow the Demartini 13 questions and worksheet to defining your values: here.

If you're currently struggling between decisions - could you anchor it to one of your values to help with deciding the path to go down?

There are things you can do to aid anxiety.

Struggling with anxiety and depression was something that Sarah has experienced personally. When really experiencing the low of the lows, there was a moment that clicked where she thought – ‘if there was something that I could do, while on this planet – what would it be?’ And that’s the moment that MADE her check in with her values and change her path to what she would do next.

A few nuggets of wisdom that were researched and implemented into Sarah’s life to helping overcome anxiety and depression were the following:

  • Go for a walk – did you know that the pace of walking doesn’t allow the brain to think anxious thoughts?

  • Push yourself to the edge – putting yourself in 'truly' stressful situations will remind you that you can cope with stress. For Sarah it's hitchhiking (!?) and hiking. For you it could be rock-climbing!

  • If something continues to go wrong – do the opposite. Seriously. Do the complete opposite, and see what happens.

Lastly, give first.

Surprisingly, 70-80% of the information Sarah Wilson shares within the business ‘I Quit Sugar’ was free information on her website, but those wanting to do the workshops and programs could pay. Since closing the business and working on philanthropy activities, Sarah has been booked out and calls have come in left right and centre - asking her to speak at a variety of events.

Although the vision for the business was never money focused, it was interesting to see that when Sarah closed the business to purely focus on her philanthropy ventures, she had received abundance.

A story that was told that aligned to Sarah's focus on giving first, was a creative who worked on the Obama campaign and was questioned why he wasn't charging for his work during this time. Following the campaign, the creative held an art show where the cheapest item was valued at $30,000. The moral of this story; when focussing on giving first, abundance follows.