Retreat to recharge.

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Hi Jess! Tell us a bit about yourself and your business!

Hey Guys, I've been working in the fitness industry for 10 years now starting out as a Personal Trainer which led to getting qualified in Les Mills RPM (indoor spin) as well as Pilates Mat and Reformer Pilates. I started my journey with KX Pilates back in 2015 where I was hired as head trainer and mentor at the Caulfield studio. 2 and a half years later, I opened my very first KX Pilates studio in my home town of Chelsea with Justine Rosham, my beautiful friend and then boss at KX Caulfield. We've been open for over a year now and has changed my life.

We are seriously so jealous of your Bali retreat! What does that consist of, why Bali and please tell us how fabulous people feel after going on this retreat!

Being selected as Retreat Trainer for this year's September KX Retreat was a career dream of mine since day 1. The KX Retreat consists of 6 days of clean eating, various daily workouts suited for all fitness levels including HIIT, boxercise, strength circuits, pilates mat and yoga, beautiful resort accommodation and a group of fun like minded people. You are treated to daily massages and are taken out on excursions such as to the beautiful Jimbaran Bay to have a go at SUP or just some relax time on the beach (and an optional sneaky cocktail or 2). You also have the option to participate in a wonderful Balinese cooking class is Ubud. Everyone always feels so rejuvenated, energised but also relaxed after our retreats. It's the perfect balance of work and play.

You have also participated in body sculpting contests! How do you use your knowledge of nutrition and being in touch with your body to run KX Pilates?

Yes! Back in 2012 I competed in my first (and only) ladies figure competition which taught me (especially post comp) to listen to my body. For many months I was very carb depleted to get into "stage shape". I was lucky at the time my energy and mental focus wasn't too impaired, however over the years staying low on carbs started taking its toll and was definitely not a healthy lifestyle. I've learned it's imperative to fuel your body correctly to ensure you have the energy and "brain power" to be able to function at your highest possible standard, especially when running a business as well as teaching many classes. If I ever feel tired, I know I need a hit of good complex carbohydrates (and maybe a long black) :)

From a business and health perspective, what is your one piece of advice for women around the globe?

Look at the big picture. Don't get down if you have one bad week. Swing into damage control and get out there and be the best you can and do whatever you need to for your business. Health wise, you are number 1. Look after yourself. Without you, your business won't thrive.

We have to ask! Would pilates aid in avoiding the 3pm slump hitting so hard?

Absolutely!! Getting to a pilates class first thing in the morning will keep you buzzing throughout the day and getting you through that 3pm slump, complimented with correct nutrition.

Short FIRE!

  • HIIT or cardio? HIIT

  • Protein ball or raw treat? Protein Ball

  • Go to breakfast? Homemade coconut granola and greek yoghurt

  • Beach or nature hike? Nature Hike

  • Favourite KX class? was this meant to be "KX move"? If so, Crouching Tiger