Our go-to Naturopath and Nutristionist

Updated: Aug 16

Stephanie Gobbo

Naturopath and Nutritionist

Steph has been a major support for us at The 3pm Box, she is the brains behind certifying our coeliac and dietary requirement boxes. Steph holds coeliac disease herself and treats a variety of patients including those with coeliac. Regularly she sees patients missing out when it comes to having access to healthy treats or not having time to prepare ingredients that suit coeliac disease and other dietary requirements.

Steph, what has led you to become a naturopath and nutritionist?

My journey to becoming a practitioner began during a six week work experience stay at the Golden Door health retreat many years ago. I was so inspired by how healthy and happy all the staff that worked there were. Week after week I saw the major health and happiness transformations happening for all the guests during their stay too. After six weeks of eating a very clean diet, exercising daily and living the Golden Door lifestyle myself, I knew it was the industry I wanted to be in going forward as I felt amazing. I also learnt from all the staff there including the health practitioners, the personal trainers and the chefs about holistic healing and that really resonated with me.

My job truly does get me out of bed in the morning. I am very lucky that I love what I do each day so it never really feels like work. It is my passion. My “why” is helping others, I have a very rewarding and grounding job.

That sounds fabulous Steph! With your expertise and background, what's some advice you could share with us in order to THRIVE?

The best advice for being the best version of yourself is to truly look after yourself and put your health first. You can’t perform at your peak in life if you are not looking after yourself first. This relates to diet, lifestyle, exercise, sleep, stress and so on.

I find balance by listening to my body really well. If I’m feeling run down or tired then I will rest. If I am feeling amazing then I will push myself further. Your body constantly gives you feedback on what it needs and its just about learning to listen to it. Something I am working on within myself is going to sleep earlier and trying harder to mentally leave work at the door and not bring it home with me.

So Listen to your body. Don’t ignore health warnings or new symptoms. Preventative medicine is key to achieving optimal health goals and living the healthiest life.

A healthy life, does not mean a restricted life is a mantra I live by and teach my patients to live by. Living a healthy life does not mean missing out. I live by an 80/20 rule as life needs balance.

So what's something you could do today in order to being the best version of yourself?

Write down what YOU could do this week in each area Steph has listed; diet, lifestyle, exercise and sleep. Below I've listed some ideas on what you could imbed.

  • Diet - cutting back on refined sugar, crowding out by eating the healthy part of your meal first, incorporating more veggies, or drinking more water.

  • Lifestyle - are you leaving work at work? Are you surrounding yourself with people who lift you up? Could you catch up with friends for a walk with the dogs, check out a new yoga session studio?

  • Exercise - move more each day by taking the stairs instead of the escalator, track your steps and make it a goal to reach as close to 10,000 steps everyday, take some more time to stretch.

  • Sleep - set a bedtime and GET IN THAT BED, I find it takes a lot of discipline to get in there, but once you do, your tomorrow self will be thanking you. You could even begin getting into bed 15 minutes earlier than your normal time and slowly strip back until your going to bed at a time that really allows you to THRIVE during the day.