3 tips from your Health Coaches to get through lockdown

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

We've never experienced a pandemic like this before, there is no manual or rulebook for how we're supposed to feel, what we're supposed to do and so we find ourselves placing varied expectations depending on our situation. And here we are doing it again. Melbourne, we feel you!

For some of us, we may feel like our time was already slipping away from us and we have another opportunity to finish off some things we wanted to get done in the round 1 lockdown, which is a privileged position to be in. For others, we're working through continued or new hardships that we could never see coming, and there is only so much we can control. So in true health coaching style, we're wanting to focus on exactly that, what do you have control over in the next 6 weeks? Based on what we're personally committing to, want to share 3 areas to what you could work on and implement over the next 6 weeks whilst in lockdown to come out thriving (it's possible!).

1. Create a 6 week goal

Over the next 6 weeks, what goal can you set to support a healthier body and mind during this time?

This goal could focus on any area of holistic health that can include:

  • A relationship goal e.g. be kinder, spend more quality time to evolve your relationship

  • Career development e.g. develop your skills to help your team and business be in the best position they can be. This could include doing an online course.

  • Nutrition based e.g. could you learn more about the food your eating so you're feeling energised and thriving.

  • A fitness routine e.g. working out with a friend 3 times a week, supporting local studios who have moved their classes online.

  • Reading a book which can be focused on anything, a fiction to help you be more care free free, creative, or a non-fiction to aid one of these holistic health areas.

  • Getting into a good morning and night time routine. This can even be a small shift, what's the easiest thing I could do at the enhancing my routine? By monitoring and working on continual small changes over the 6 weeks you could be living your optimal morning or night time routine!

  • Developing/deepening your spiritual practice - how do you want to show up in the world and for yourself? Is it meditation, yoga, or a spiritual healer that can help you work to being your best self?

One of our goals here at The 3pm Box is to focus more on ensuring we're up to date on the latest health & wellbeing science, getting through two books and focusing on listening to your needs so we can help support your health and wellbeing goals over this next 6 weeks and beyond.

2. Making our working space somewhere we want to be

We know that if we can work from home, we must work from home, so we've been talking about how we can make our environment a more enjoyable place to be in. The results of this can flow into the quality of work we're producing over the next 6 weeks: According to research published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, an empowered home office environment can increase productivity by 25%, or more. We want to be showing up with our best foot forward.

To do this you don't have to make any drastic changes or be instagrammable, (although instagram is a great place to get inspiration on how others are setting up their space whilst working from home). Small additions to your space can include: a candle, incense, plants, a picture of loved ones or even just a notebook with an inspirational quote at the front (this could be a DIY job!).

You could even think about something you can remove from your workspace to give you more breathing space. This could mean spending the evening clearing out a space where you work, this could be the study, your bedroom or the kitchen bench. What doesn't need to be there that can be removed permanently or even just for the next 6 weeks?

Plants are what we've bringing into our workspace and what we're removing is anything we've left around the house that shows that we've been working there during the day. We know that removing the workday energy is beneficial for our health when we move into the evening. This is so we're not triggered by work whilst we're switching off and winding down for the day.

3. Add healthy habits to your week

What could you add into your daily routine that you know will leave you feeling good?

This could be a daily walk, a workout, pre-made healthy snacks or meal, a juicy hug from your partner everyday, an early night, a creative outlet or meditation practice.

We know that when we have a good start to the morning we have more control of our day. We may not be in physical control of our calendars with meetings popping in during the day, but we have control of how we react when experiencing a more mindful morning.

At The 3pm Box we're committing to morning walks and movement, as well as not checking our phones (other than to listen to a podcast) before we begin work for the day.

The ideas you choose to bring into the week are yours. We know that if you feel really eager to get control of your healthy lifestyle, you may be inclined to implement an idea from each 3 of these sections, but, if you are working through a lot at the moment and feel a little overwhelmed, we recommend you focus on one idea to that feels the easiest for you to action. Once you start to get momentum on implementing one or two steps, you'll find it easier to stack other habits into your week.

We hope we've sparked some creative thinking on how you can be proactive about your health during the next 6 weeks and come out at the end feeling healthier and happier than today

If you're wanting more support on working through healthy habits to implement into your life join us at our next Quit Procrastinating: Tactics to create healthy habits, happiness and the plan to succeed in workshop here.

Jel & Dot xx