Keeping Warm & Well in Winter

Updated: Aug 16

We're officially halfway through winter, but it's still chilly outside, and our body knows it. Have you noticed how in winter your body naturally wants to ease back and move slower? Even though society tells us that we ‘should’ keep moving at a million miles an hour, despite the season. With this in mind we wanted to share ways we can tick off the wellness to-do list, while also listening to your body, slowing down and staying warm this winter.

3 Things you can do to Stay Well and Warm

1. Try Hot Yoga

We are spoilt with yoga studio options these days and one thing that the team at The 3pm Box have LOVED this winter is hot yoga! Not only do you get the usual benefits of yoga – practicing the mind and body connection, you also get additional benefits such as:

  • Detoxing - Sweating in any setting naturally releases toxins stored in the body that have been built up from pollution, chemicals in skin products, make up, nail polish and deodorants to name a few, but thanks to the heated yoga room and movement, you’re going to be releasing more!

  • It can be more intense compared to the same yoga routine without the heat so your heart works harder to cool down your body

  • Hot yoga also means that you’re super toasty, get a good warm up and can tick off your workout. One of our favourite places this winter is One Hot Yoga who have studios in Melbourne and Sydney.

2. Take a Magnesium Bath

Magnesium is an essential mineral that can be missing if you’re not getting your green leafy veggies, nuts, grains or potatoes in your diet. To help with this, or if you just want to zen out and be completely relaxed, a magnesium bath or float tank session is a perfect way achieve this. Other benefits include

  • Relaxing your muscles (if facing DOMS after a big workout)

  • Help with a good night sleep and insomnia

  • Relax the mind

  • Healthy function of the nervous systems

  • Reduce inflammation and toxins

  • Soothe skin such as eczema and acne

For magnesium salt flakes go to your local health food store, or if you’re looking online you can try out Salt Lab, or Amazing Magnesium Flakes

3. Sauna

Are you already a member of a gym that has a sauna? Or do your kids go swimming where there’s a sauna as part of the membership? Jump in there as much as you can!

Benefits of popping into a sauna are amazing and include:

  • Being a stress reliever – no distractions and being in a quiet place does wonders for the body and mind

  • Relaxes muscles through heat

  • Improves circulation

  • Detoxification

  • Releases feel good endorphins

  • Aids muscle recovery

  • For those regular users (4-7 times a week for at least 19 mins) have shown medically tested reduction of Alzheimer’s and Dementia

  • Cleanses the skin

  • Burns calories

So now that you have all these tips handy, what's one thing you could implement into your week or Winter season to keep well, slow down a little whilst also keeping well?