How we started.

Yours truely,

The 3pm Box began by both Dorothy and myself undertaking our own health journeys. We both always had an interest in healthy eating, working out, and a love for trying new foods. Working together originally as teammates, we’ve had limitless conversations about different ways of eating, our workout routines and (most importantly) healthy desserts!

Working in a traditional corporate setting, events were usually catered with food that we felt steered away from our healthy eating lifestyle. Now we’re not saying you can’t treat yourself or that those are bad food choices, but that those options didn’t resonate with our goals at that time. What made it even more challenging was that we were aware of all the AMAZING healthy treat options that were out there having discovered them ourselves. Knowing we both shared this passion, Dorothy and I began sharing recipes, lunch spots and ideas on snacks that hit the mark on both nutrition and taste.

One day we went out to our regular chai latte cafe and started talking about business ideas. Dorothy, being Polish had ideas to open up a restaurant and serve THE BEST polish dishes out there. Dishes which she had grown up with and loved eating at events throughout the year (note to self- include in business plan :P). For me, I always had a passion to do something entrepreneurial and had almost seriously started my own healthy dessert business before reality snuck up on me with postgraduate degrees and a promotion which pulled me back into the corporate world. We talked and talked and mentioned the idea of having healthy snacks at events, in the afternoon and available when you need a little ‘pick me up’. After chatting about this idea for a short while we had established a partnership, roles and responsibilities to understand if this idea had potential. We did our research, crunched some numbers and made a commitment to each other to not only share the strong belief we had that ‘a healthy life does not mean a restricted life,’ but to make a commitment to take a leap into our passion, into something that lights us up, that we WANT to talk about all day-everyday, and something that we believe is OUR TRUTH. Although we’re juggling this on top of everything else we have committed to, this is where our love lies. Sharing our knowledge and passion for healthy eating in a BIG WAY.

So here we are, The 3pm Box! Everything we have secretly been dreaming of and have been creating sub-consciously is now right here in front of us. Please enjoy and spread the good message that a healthy life does not mean a restricted life.

Actions for you-

You may be reading elements of this and thinking, ‘that’s me at work’, or maybe, you have something in the back of your mind that you want to see if it would work and kick into gear. If so, there’s no time than the present, and the best time is now. We would love anyone who’s thinking these things to:

  • Write it down

  • Next to your dream or goal, note down how you’ll feel if you achieved it

  • Next, what’s ONE thing you can do today to getting closer to that goal

  • Email it to a friend, text your mum, boyfriend, brother or sister to hold you accountable

  • Take action!

This is YOUR life, you owe it to yourself to do something you love. Trust us, it feels GREAT.

Jel & Dot x