Holistic health: Why friendship matters

Updated: Aug 16

When it comes to leading a holistically healthy life, feeding your body through primary food and healthy and nourishing relationships, is just as important as fuelling it with a wholesome meal. This is why we couldn't wait to learn more about a Melbourne woman who has made it her mission run social events that create an environment that foster genuine connections and friendships.

Hi Alyssa! First of all, tell us a bit about yourself, your writing and mygotogal Hi lovelies, my name is Alyssa and I am 25 years old. Growing up, I've always had a passion for writing and strongly believed that as women we were to own our power and when we came together and were there for each other, that's when we are truly an unstoppable force. I started writing in high school and sharing that with my peers and I was so naturally drawn to writing pieces that were inspirational and motivational and touched on life. I wanted to write things that everybody could relate to because despite all of our individual differences, I understand that we go through so many of the same emotions and experiences and found it quite beautiful that my words could make others feel a little less alone. I then started sharing my work online and mainly through Instagram and once graduating, starting writing on love and relationships which led to my main audience being women. I had a lot of them writing into me, opening up about their life and also mentioning that they didn't have a lot of girlfriends to talk to hence why they were talking to me - a complete stranger. This broke me. So one night it was as simple for me as starting a private Facebook group to give women a space to come together and ask one another for advice. Not long thereafter, I started hosting events to give them the chance to meet, and form friendships, face to face. It's been the most incredible journey for me ever since.

You work in a corporate setting everyday! How does supporting women make corporate life better? Women supporting women is so important in the workplace because for me personally, I find that being surrounded by, and having the opportunity to work with, women who are passionate, who own their role within their own terms and who have such creative and diverse views, inspires me to do my best work. To be able to see them embody such strong values and fearlessly stick to them, share ideas with each other and act as one another’s sound board and to be there for one another on those days that are nothing short of a challenge, is pretty wonderful. And your tip for beating The 3pm Slump at work? Do not underestimate the importance of getting up and going for a walk, even just around the office. I think sometimes we can be so immersed in our work and forget to just take a step back to refresh and reset ourselves. I know personally I can often be glued to my chair and desk, but taking 5 mins out of my day to get up, refill my bottle of water and chat to my colleagues makes a world of difference and just adds a burst of positivity and energy to the rest of my day.

What are three things we can do today to develop strong relationships at home and at work? 1) I am a big believer in being kind, patient and understanding 2) Be there for others and always support, and reach out to them, if you can tell they’re struggling or going through a difficult time 3) Compliment other people, make them realise their strengths and congratulate them for their successes

We absolutely love your writing account. Can getting your thoughts out of your head and onto paper help with beating the 3pm slump? Aw, thank you so much! Putting pen to paper can most certainly help overcome the 3pm slump, particularly if you’re having a stressful, long or overwhelming day I think it’s important to stop for one moment, breathe, and write down what’s causing that and how you will resolve it whether it be by listing things in terms of priority so it all doesn’t seem like too much in your mind or simply reflecting on how you’re feeling in that moment and why you’re feeling like that. Come back to your thoughts in a couple of days or weeks, and you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come within that time. Words and writing is so powerful so I think when you write your heart out, you’re essentially telling yourself everything is going to be okay.

So, are you ready to feed your soul with some new connections? You can find the latest events via the mygotogal Instagram or website, links below! https://www.instagram.com/mygotogal/?hl=en https://www.mygo2gal.com/