Float into a calmer 3pm

Updated: Aug 16

Find out how Flotation Therapy can lead to a calmer you

You may have seen 'Float tanks' popping up on your Instagram feed. But what exactly does 'floatation therapy' involve, and why should you try it?

Marina from Melbourne's Rest House gives us a run down on the topic, and convinces us to give the float tank experience a go!

What is a float centre, what do you do and what are the benefits?

A float centre specialises in float tanks, which is a pod that is large enough to fit your body with room to position yourself, containing an Epsom-Salt water solution (500kg Magnesium Sulfate) and is heated to average skin temperature (35°C). The high salt content allows your body to float buoyantly, removing the effects of gravity, leaving you feeling supported and weightless. Basically, you hop in the soundproof tank, preferable close the lid and switch off the lights, and float for an hour in a peaceful environment free from distractions! Other than stress relief and relaxation, the benefits are endless! You can expect pain relief, mental clarity, an increase in energy, improvement in sleep patterns and even a shift in consciousness.

Float centres are sure popping up all over Melbourne! What makes RestHouse different to other float centres?

Rest House is the only centre that offers DreamScape Elements as a free addition to the floatation experience. DreamScape Elements are a series of audio tracks that were designed specifically for use in a float tank, which you can choose to listen to during your float. They use guided meditation, positive affirmations and binaural beats to stimulate the subconscious mind and create a relaxed and receptive pathway to the area of your brain that influences behaviour. This allows new concepts to be introduced to the brain and used in the real world, regardless of whether you fall asleep in the tank or not. We have tracks covering a wide range of topics such as 'Stress Buster,' 'Mental Detox,' 'My Study', 'Confident Me', 'Kick Butts' (to quit smoking) and many more!

We are all about conquering the 3pm slump! How would a floatation therapy aid in kicking the 3pm slump, and should we do anything in conjunction with floating?

Floatation therapy acts as a reset to your mind, body and soul, so you'll come out refreshed, reenergised and ready to take on your day - no matter what the time is! Even better, if you fall asleep for the hour spent in the tank, it equates to around 3 - 4 hours of normal sleep. We also love meditating through the app HeadSpace regularly in our own time away from floating, just to make sure we give our minds some peace for a few minutes every day.

But what if I just fill my bathtub at home with salt and float in it? What makes your pods different to an at home quick-fix?

Epsom Salt baths will be beneficial to you regardless, but sitting in your bath tub will be nothing like floating in a float tank. Float tanks are filled with 500kg of Epsom Salt, which is what allows your body to float without the effects of gravity, so unless your bathtub can fit all that plus you, all you'll be feeling is your porcelain tub on your booty ;) Other than that, the tanks are completely soundproof and heated to average body temperature, unlike your bathtub which will quickly get cold! So while you can throw a handful of salts in your tub at home for a quick fix, wouldn't you prefer an hour of distraction-free relaxation instead?

Lastly, some quick questions about you!

  • Favourite Dreamscapes float? It would have to be between How to create anything and Mental Detox.

  • Your favourite time to float? In the morning straight after a big gym session or if I didn't get a restful night of sleep.

  • Your favourite benefit to floating? Definitely the sleep and muscle recovery. When floating I get to fit in my hour of sleep as well as recover my muscles to enable me to function properly the next day, as we all know if you don't recover properly after a leg day good luck walking for the next 3 days ;).

Image by RestHouse

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