Easy ways to tackle the 3pm slump

Updated: Aug 16

So it’s an average work day, you have had your coffee for the day, enjoyed your super yummy tuna salad for lunch and you’re feeling pretty good.

But the day wears on, and suddenly your eyes are averting from your screen a lot more often and you have checked Instagram about five times in the last 3 minutes. You know if you were to look at the clock it would be approximately 3pm, because you’re definitely feeling that slump.

But it’s fine! Your boss is passionate about corporate wellness so you head to the break room to grab a treat from The 3pm Box but…(cue dramatic music)...your colleague took the last treat.

Do you: a) Cry until 5pm?

b) Pretend your computer broke?

c) Accept your fate?

Okay we might be being a little bit dramatic, but this is a completely plausible scenario!

We are all different! The 3pm slump hits some of us harder than others, which is why we recommend combining not only a well-thought-out morning routine, but also implementing a couple of easy activities for your body and mind at 3pm to well and truly alleviate the 3pm slump!

Make an ‘I was thinking of you phone call’

This one is not only good for 3pm, but good for the soul. Take some time away from the computer screen and call your mum, your dad, your niece, your brother, your best friend, anyone important to you! Doing something you enjoy at your desk will also introduce a more calming presence behind that computer screen!


This one might seem like a no-brainer but you would be surprised how many people forget to stretch during the day! We found some of our favourite stretches here that are super easy to do at your desk, or around the office!

Laughter Yoga

Okay bear with us here. Have you ever laughed so hard your stomach hurts and you can basically feel the endorphins running through your body? That’s laughter yoga! It may be a little different from your traditional kind of yoga, but it doesn’t hurt to try new things! You can learn about its benefits on our latest activities fact sheet by subscribing if you haven't already done so - here!

Go outside

Another one that might seem simple, but can make the ultimate difference! Going outside and feeling the fresh air will not only keep down your amount of melatonin (the sleep hormone) but you will get a nice dose of Vitamin D! Not enough time to head downstairs or out the door? Try sitting near a window with your 3pm treat or having a chat with your colleague near an open window!

So whether you’re feeling a slight 3pm slump and you haven’t discovered us yet, try these easy activities until you receive your box to start you off to feeling energised throughout your entire workday!

Already loving healthy treats? If time allows, we definitely recommend trying at least one of these activities, in conjunction with our delicious treats to make your mind, body, gut and soul happy and healthy!