Do you LOVE chai?

Hi! I’m Chloe, founder, brewer, taste master and all round awesomeness – the boss lady with all the hats – for Chai Addict. And here’s a little bit about myself….

I was born in the Philippines and moved to Brisbane, Australia when I was 8 with my parents, eldest brother and 2 older sisters….Wait…ok, that’s just going too far back ;)

December 2016, that’s when I launched Chai Addict. Not once, had I ever desired to have my own business nor had any inclination of starting one. So it came as a surprise to me when these thoughts started floating around in my head in 2016. I still pinch myself now knowing that I actually did something different and something that I really love.

I guess it was my accidental discovery in 2008, when I realised I was actually good at making food taste great. My senses woke up – to the aromas, the visual pleasures, flavour combinations, the various textures and satisfying sounds that food can make. It was my love of food…correction, love of eating that led me to experiment in the kitchen, checking out the food culture in every city I visit and hosting dinner parties.

I moved to London for a couple of years that enabled me to explore the culinary pleasures of Europe and the Mediterranean. My move from London to Hong Kong changed my palate of heavy meals of stews and meat heavy comfort foods, to lighter, more nourishing foods filled with the colours of the rainbow. Hong Kong has an explosion of veritable flavours suited to every palate but eating at mid-high end restaurants came with a price tag. Wet markets were another option that I loved yet I found myself always questioning the quality. With news like ‘fake’ meat and fake eggs hitting the headlines (yes, you read that right), it’s no wonder I was cautious! Eventually I found my groove, buying organic produce, purchasing imported goods from Canada, Europe and of course Australia. Australian meats and produce has an amazing rep overseas, that’s coz it speaks quality and people will pay for it.

It was in Hong Kong that I started making my own Greek yoghurt and baking fresh bread, I mean, who does that? But I highly recommend baking bread at least once in your life as nothing beats the smell of freshly baked bread. I experimented with creating the perfect protein ball, mixing a balanced smoothie and embarked on my first 3 day juice cleanse. Like all foodies, I took photos to post on instagram and it was this exposure that gave me a role in food blogging for a health and wellness online magazine. For a year, I focused my efforts on creating healthy recipes, developing content about the local food scene and attending restaurant openings to savour every morsel of the good stuff. Those were the days.

It wasn’t long til I returned home to oz. Fast track to a year of working for ‘The Man’, helped to generate additional capital for me to launch my very own business.

Why did you start Chai Addict?

Like most locals, I enjoyed Melbourne’s ingrained coffee culture – where else can you have a truly amazing cup made by incredible baristas in every corner? But I admit I was never truly a coffee drinker – don’t judge me! I loved the smell, the flavour and the social aspects of coffee (still do) but I was happy to forego the caffeine jitters, heart palpitations, wide eyes and sleepless nights. So I kicked that over caffeinated habit and started replacing it with delicious warming cups of chai.

This change in my diet presented new types of problems – the extended wait times, flavour inconsistencies, the overly sweet varieties, and if you get a chance to make it at home, who’s got time clean up the mess? Let’s simplify this arduous process. After my 11th experimental batch, Chai Addict was born.

Tell us more about your amazing product!

Chai Addict (and our spicy blend, Chai Harder) is an unsweetened and vegan-friendly masala chai tea concentrate, made from certified organic spices and certified organic tea. The concentrate acts like a cordial, and when mixed with your favourite milk product produces the perfect cup of chai. It’s 80% faster to make, and without any of the inconsistencies associated with loose leaf chai teas which can sometimes contain too much, or too little of some key flavour notes necessary for the optimal chai taste.

The product has two distinctly unique flavour profiles:

· Chai Addict – our original blend – smooth, well balanced with strong notes of cinnamon, ginger, and cloves

· Chai Harder - our cheeky blend - extra ginger, black pepper and the addition of cayenne will leave some heat at the back of the palate

Handmade in exclusive small batch brews, our product ensures the authentic taste and flavours are captured and remain consistent throughout the process. The ingredients from every batch are composted at local community gardens, which is used to feed vegetable plots and close the sustainability loop.

Why did you chose the chai's specific ingredients?

Most of us have had a bad experience with chai, whether it’s lacking in flavour, tasting unnatural or for most of the part, being sickly sweet. To me, these products ultimately dictate how much sugar a person should be having in their diet. I specifically made the chai concentrate to be sugar free so the user has the choice to add as much or as little sugar as they see fit.

Why do you love it?­

It’s convenient & efficient. It’s aesthetically pleasing in any kitchen pantry or office but the fact that it tastes damn good too, makes it a million times better.

Now we'd like to switch it to you a little. How do you relate to the mantra ‘a healthy life does not mean a restricted life?

I’m a fan of drinking beer or drinking in general. I figure so long as I have a balanced diet, work out regularly then I can continue to enjoy this pastime.

How do you find balance in your life?

Going to the gym, yoga, osteo sessions to keep me aligned, day trips and catch ups with friends over food and drinks keeps me feeling ALIVE.

What is your number one health tip?

Work out so you can have your cake (or burger) and eat it too!

What’s your 3pm pick me up?

Greek yoghurt and sliced bananas sprinkled with dukkah.

What’s something you’re working on within yourself at the moment?

Getting up at least 15 minutes earlier so I can get more productivity in to my day.

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