Celebrating Smart

Updated: Aug 16

First of all! Tell us a bit about yourself, MV Corporate Health and your mission?

MV Corporate Health was born with the intentions of providing more up to date and honest information to those who most need it, from someone who is actually living and breathing it. I've been within health and performance for over fifteen years. I have loved every moment of it and have taken many lessons, and will continue to grow through being open to learning. Providing a platform for busy corporate bodies and companies to produce better quality work through having a far more improved and healthy culture.

With the ‘silly season’ just around the corner, tell us about your ‘celebrating smart’ idea!

The silly season is just that, it's a fantastic time to switch off (in parts) and to reconnect with your family and friends. Celebrating smart is really about learning what to eat and drink, or how much to eat and drink without creating a lot of work to come back to, and work off. Treat it like you are heading away for a standard holiday from your busy corporate job. Set specific times to relax, understand that if you have a bigger day/night planned, that on either side of that day, you might cut back a little on your intake. The truth is, you can't put on 2-3kgs on in one day, but if you fall out of a half decent routine, coming back from a 10-day trip can turn into a 10kg trip.

When it comes to ‘celebrating smart’, what would you say to someone who believes the holiday season is time to let go and deter from their health journey? Why should they be ‘celebrating smart’?

It completely depends on any individuals goals and current state of health. First and foremost, you must have awareness of where what you want to get out of "the time off?". Ask yourself this one question: Do you want to enjoy as many days as possible with good friends and family? Next, determine what will produce the best outcome of your answer? It's always about your environment and what part you want to play in it. If you come from a house or heavy drinkers, but you are really trying to look after yourself, you must be open and honest with you are you trying to achieve and WHY.

But what if we want to eat what everyone else is eating? How would we work with our colleagues/friends/family to all commit to celebrating smart?

This is all about portion control. You can still eat the turkey, roast potatoes and unlimited carrots. Maybe you simply just skip the desserts. If you are out with colleagues at the end of year party, order chips for the table and just chuck a few on your plate and enjoy the rest of your meal just like everyone else. It's often the perception of what you are eating, not actually what you are eating. One massive tip I give my clients is always have a meal before going out to eat on the companies credit card. Why? Well, most people see this as there opportunity to get a little back, but really, it's just an excuse to overeat on typically bad choices. Play it smart, take the emotions out of eating and enjoy something you wouldn't normally have served up for you.

Last one! How will you be working towards your own health goals throughout this holiday season? No matter where I go, I will always have a pair of training shoes on me and I will always make the time to get a little bit of a sweat on. I love to sit back with my day and brothers, uncles and aunties to have a relaxing drink, but I'm always very aware of my responsibilities as a proud father at the same time. Most parents will agree that there are times to relax and unwind, but the time away on Christmas breaks is more about providing time to spend with those that they care for. In a two to three week break, I might head out with some good mates on one occasion and potentially get in a game of golf. My health head doesn't really ever switch off, and I don't mean in a work type of way. I love educating everyone on what food doe's for us on a daily basis, and I do get asked plenty of questions on this topic. So, when people ask, it naturally is easy to point them in the right direction or to educate them on what other choices you can do to create a lifestyle they might want.