Being Present & Grateful: 3 things we're doing

Being present and grateful is sometimes easier said than done. We're riding through waves of emotions and challenges through COVID, and our perspective of these waves is what we're trying to focus on.

We have both been through differing emotions of feeling really present and grateful for what we have, as well as feeling empathy for what this isolation has meant for our collective freedom and situation and we've had some down moments. With that in mind, what we wanted to share with you how to move from an emotional 'rut' to a greater sense of happiness which can be achieved through gratitude for what we have and enjoying being super present.

1. The 5 Minute Journal

This has been giving us so much joy. We believe the joy comes through having a structured way of journaling. When we first got into journaling, we would write what we're thankful for or just 'free write.' For both of us, having a structure was so much more helpful to get into a rhythm and feel more 'in the mood' to write out our thoughts. With a recent purchase of the 5 Minute Journal we saw so many more benefits come from the personal reflection process of having short prompts to write at the beginning and end of the day. This process brings us into the present moment and helps refrain from thinking how our lives could be 'better' if we weren't in isolation.

If you're looking to purchase this journal please find the link here, otherwise you can use the 3 following questions to help with gratitude journaling and being present.

  • What would make today great?

  • What are 3 things I'm grateful for?

  • (At night) What was the best part of my day?

2. Doing something you love everyday

Is it eating dark chocolate, patting your dog, giving a full on 6 second hug to your partner, chatting to a friend or just going for a walk?

What can you bring into your life that will bring you joy in the means of your home?

We've brought in a few elements into our day that we love. A few of these include:

  • Our workout/movement routine

  • Sitting down to really enjoy the food we're eating

  • Tagging friends in funny memes

  • Speaking with a friend

  • Finding at least 10 minutes to read

  • Having a piece of high quality dark chocolate!

These activities are something we look forward to everyday so we're less inclined to 'live for the weekend'. Why do we have to get to the weekend to do something that we want to do? Just do it now!

What's something you love doing that you could bring into your daily routine?

3. Unleashing your creative side

Creativity can really bring you into the present moment.

When we work on something that requires our full attention, we're doing something fun - we can get into a state of flow. This state is where you loose track of time, are not worried about your next snack or what's happening tomorrow. Your sole focus in on the task at hand.

We're finding these amazing moments through creative outlets and one key area is when we're creating content for you! This is something also bringing us joy and purpose at the moment. We're given the opportunity to show up, relay a strong message and get really present.

Other creative outlets can include:

  • Developing an instagram story when you're taking videos, photos and sharing quotes to relay a story

  • Printing out photos and creating a photo album

  • Cooking and trying to plate up a beautiful presentation of food

  • Painting

  • Drawing

  • Colouring in

  • Journaling / writing

  • Reading a novel

  • Trying a new food or getting food from a new restaurant / trying new flavours

What's something you could do this week?

We hope you found this to be an enjoyable read and that we've sparked some thinking about how you can be present and grateful during this time. We would love to hear what you're getting up to and if you'd like to share, please tag us on Instagram or send us a picture at

Dot & Jel x