A company with a clear why.

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

We just love reaching out to our partners and diving into their lives. As we discover new health treats from Australian emerging brands we are finding that the people behind the scenes have a strong WHY and a wealth of knowledge behind them! It definitely makes for interesting conversations!

Today we check into the life of Katrina who is the Office Manager of Kitz Living Foods.

Hi Katrina! Tell us a little about you story? How did you go about getting involved with Kitz Living Foods?

I have a son who cannot eat any foods with preservatives so I have always had an interest in health foods. My previous role had me selling home dehydrators and I was recommended for this role when it became available by a friend. I loved the Kitz ethos and vibe amongst the team so it was the best job transition I have ever made.

The kitz team all have the same intention of making and selling products they love, so coming to work is actually a pleasure.

I have always made a lot of my snack foods by hand and have created some great “make at home recipes” that can be made with your fresh foods at home. Now Kitz has many options for people with food sensitivities that they can have at home ready to be eaten when you need them.

That sounds pretty fab! I dont think everyone can say that they love coming into work- so go you! Tell us more about Kitz!

At Kitz, we hand-craft a large range of premium, plant-based, grain-free organic snack foods for the thoughtful eater. All our products are lovingly hand-made in our kitchen in South Murwillumbah, New South Wales. We specialise in snacks that meet the strict requirement of vegans, raw foodies and allergy sufferers, yet are still delicious even if you don’t have any dietary restrictions. Many of our products are also suitable for those following a paleo, ketogenic, low-carb or Ayurvedic diet. Always playing with new ingredients, our range is constantly expanding to meet the needs of our customers and changing market demand.

We don’t want to be available through mass grocery chains and want our products to be able to speak their goodness through the health food stores or independent retailers. We have over 800+ health food and independent grocers, that sell to our health conscious customers.

We love that Kitz cater to so many different dietary requirements. We have found the typical complaint around the office or at events is that people with dietary restrictions, who choose not to eat specific ingredients by choice, have an allergy or intolerance feel that they miss out. It's so great that Kitz cater to such a range of people!

So, you've obviously tested the range of different products Kitz have to offer...so what's your favourite?

Our Kitz coconut dream Cranberry. These bars are a great snack for the lunchbox, your day on the run or keep them in the car or office as your go-to snack. The rich blend of coconut and cranberries will take you on an indulgent dream to coconut bliss. We give them a short stay in a low temperature dehydrator to perfect their chewy texture. It is a nut free treat for adults and kids.


Ok - here's our rapid fire knowledge bank section, ready?

What key health related issues or trends are relevant and affecting the Australian population today? Gluten sensitivities

Avoidance of processed sugars, &

Low carb eating

What should people watch out for? Additives, preservatives, colourings and chemicals

What's the impact on individuals’ lives? Create obesity or diabetes if you don’t eat for your health.

One hot tip to thrive? Read the labels and eat wholefoods where possible

And just to finish up, here are a few rapid fire questions about you!

How do you find balance in your life? My balance revolves around family, having a blended family of 5 teenagers keeps me balanced with all of them needing me involved in their lives and my work allowing this to happen

What is your number one health tip? Colorful natural foods taste best!

What’s your 3pm pick me up? Our Kitz coconut dream Cranberry 45g bar

What’s something you’re working on within yourself at the moment? Improving my sleep patterns

Fav podcast? The food chain on BBC and the food Programme on BBC

Thanks Katrina, that was FAB! To check out Kitz and their products we've linked to there website here - www.kitzlivingfoods.com.au

OR to purchase Kitz crackers in our Sweet and Spice box, click on the image below!

Kitz crackers are available in our Sweet and Spice Box!