5 Free Activities For a Health & Wellbeing Program


We have all heard of Steptember, but what about Jogging January or Make Your Lunch May? You can make up your own monthly challenges moulded around your employees favourite sports or something they find hard to give up.

Introducing a monthly challenge for the office will not only educate your employees but introduce more health related discussions!


This one might seem a bit strange but it actually comes with extreme benefits! When we laugh for a prolonged amount of time, we exhale more carbon dioxide which provides more oxygen to every cell of our body and brains.

This results in mental efficiency, focus and concentration It also lowers your levels of stress hormones!


5pm knock off drinks are a classic bonding exercise for teams within the workplace, but as Australians are starting to drink less and less, a talent show can be a fun way to spend time together outside of work.

Introducing music into your workplace can also increase team building and improve group decision-making.


This could be a chance for you to check in with your employees and be up to date with the current happenings in the office. Different aspects could include achievements or new recipes.

You could even email cafes or studios in the area for discounts, they would be happy to get involved!


With different diets becoming more popular, introducing a cooking contest will give your team the chance to try new cuisines and understand new health benefits.

Have your team make their favourite healthy recipe for lunch for the rest of the office to vote on, and share the recipe!

Have another suggestion? Pop it in the comments below, we'd love to hear from you!