One:one health coaching

We're so glad to see your interest in achieving your health goals! Health coaching is a growing component of the health industry and on the rise due to the demand.
So what is a health coach and what do we do?
Ultimately we're here to support you achieve your health goals. By understanding where you want to be, we help you build the right steps into your life to tick off one health goal after the other, providing guidance and accountability to achieve your goals.

We believe in a holistic health framework, and bio-individuality which means what works for one person can be completely different to another, and with these beliefs we tailor your health coaching experience so YOU suceed.


  • Accountability to reaching your health goals

  • Guidance and support to overcome any barriers to reaching goals

  • A framework guided by the Institute of International Nutrition which is proven to change lives

  • Knowledge and information to guide your health choices, and goals

  • Bonus workshop which could include: meal prepping, supermarket shopping guidance, making healthy desserts, cooking class

What to expect

  • Initial health assessment to guide the framework of the sessions

  • Option of three or six month health coaching program

  • Fortnightly coaching - same time and day each fortnight

  • Consultations can be held over the phone or face-to-face or skype

  • Each session will conclude with recommendations on the next steps to take to getting you closer to achieving your health goals

  • As part of the sessions information, references, podcasts, and links will be shared

As healthcare professionals and Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches we provide education, motivation, support and hold accountability to empower individuals and teams to BEAT THE 3PM SLUMP through a holistic approach encompassing diet, lifestyle, and behaviour.

As educators and accountability gurus we strive to equip individuals and teams with the tool kit to take their journey into their own hands, to show up for themselves and their teams in the workplace.

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