BEAT: The 3pm Slump

We've all been there,  and may still be working through this.


 It's the time after lunch but before the end of the day where we feel that slump. We still have work to do and know that we have not set ourselves out to be functioning at 100% to get to 5pm. It may have been lack of sleep the night before, a carbohydrate rich lunch, or a combination of lack of movement, stress overload, and personal matters that hasn't allowed us to show up fully at work without the aid of some kind of stimulant.


You may find yourself reaching for sugary treats or coffee as a quick stimulant fix - however, these tactics are not sustainable, productive or a healthy strategy to lean on everyday. 


As healthcare professionals and Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches we provide education, motivation, support and hold accountability to empower individuals and teams to BEAT THE 3PM SLUMP through a holistic approach encompassing diet, lifestyle, and behaviour.


As educators and accountability gurus we strive to set up individuals and teams with both the knowledge and tool kits to take their journey into their own hands, to show up for themselves, teams their part of and in the workplace.

"People are rewarded in public for what they’ve practiced for in private"

– Tony Robbins


Whilst working with us to beat The 3pm Slump you will also find yourself tackling the following health goals -

  • Be more attentive at work

  • Rely less on coffee to feel energetic during the day

  • Take less sick days

  • Reduce stress

  • Eat healthy

  • Be motivated to work out

  • Lose unwanted weight

  • Understand detoxing

  • Get rid of unwanted habits

  • Remove yo-yo diets and create a sustainable way of eating

  • Reduce fatigue

  • Wake up earlier

  • Be more present throughout the day

"What we fear doing most of is usually what we most need to do"

- Tim Ferris


For workplaces a question that gets asked is – why is it the responsibility of the company to ensure a healthy workplace? And it’s a good question that has a a long, well researched answer that steers in the point that, individuals are more stressed than ever in a globalised workforce. They are working longer hours and do not switch off when they come home which makes for a restless sleep. However, it’s also researched that:
  • Engaged employees are 2.5x more productive
  • A mentally healthy workplace on average can expect a ROI of 2.3 encompassing improved productivity via reduced absenteeism and presenteeism
  • 59% of workers reported feeling physically depleted, emotionally drained, mentally distracted
  • Those who get less than the recommended 7-9 hours sleep can have lower attentiveness and inability to decode learnings from the day, as well as problem solve effectively
  • 93% of leaders report that mindfulness training helps them think with innovation
  • Stress releases the ‘fight or flight’ chemical reaction which is counterproductive in the workplace


1. We get to know you, and your business

Within this stage we seek to understand:

  • The key challenges in your business

  • The health goals that are important to employees and leaders

  • Get to understand the culture

2. Educate the team

Try before you buy- 

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Development and presentation of the following activities. These iniatives are determined in collaboration with the workforce and can be tailored based on stage 1. 

Workplace Health Talks 

  • A tailored health talk to the organisation

    • This can be a one off talk or a three month program with monthly topics

    • The presentation will be tailored towards the key health goals and challenges the organisation wants to focus on

    • Allows time for Q&A

    • To engage the team we also provide healthy treats and drinks from The 3pm Box

3. Follow up

One-on-one Health Coaching

  • Initial health assessment

  • Three-six month one-on-one health coaching session with fortnightly coaching

  • Consultations can be held over the phone or face-to-face

Workplace Workshops

  • A wellness workshop for teams that include the following

    • Half day or full day workshop

    • Offsite location 

    • Health and wellness workshop activities that is tailored to the organisation or individuals' health goals

    • Wholesome breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks

    • Mediation sessions

    • Movement session (i.e. yoga, pilates)

Following the presentations & workshops attendees may have specific areas they want MORE information on so what we've done is built in a 'follow up' to collate additional information to send to the team following the presentation or workshop

The first step is simple! Send us an email with the following information:

  • The company you work for

  • Key goals you’re looking to achieve your team or workplace

  • What information you’d like from us to feel confident that this is the right solution for you

  • Any other details such as the time you’d like to work with us or organisational cultural requirements