1:1 coaching

We're here to provide coaching and accountability so you can achieve your holistic health goals. Through 3 steps:
  1. Getting clarity
  2. Developing the plan to hitting your goals
  3. Ensuring the new routine, habits, lifestyle is sustainable
Rinse and repeat​
Where to start?
It can be overwhelming when working on holistic health. We provide guidance and clarity on what to focus on to ensure you achieve your goals
Creating the plan
We develop the roadmap with you so you can work towards achieving your goal
Lasting habits
We have the toolkit to keep you focused on achieving your goal long term

What you need to know

Our ethos

We believe in a holistic health framework, and bio-individuality which means what works for one person can be completely different to another, and with these beliefs we tailor your health coaching experience so YOU succeed.

What to expect 

  • Accountability

  • Tools to overcoming barriers

  • Lasting changes

  • Health assessment to guide the sessions

  • Option of three or six month health coaching program

  • Fortnightly coaching - same time via phone or face-to-face or zoom

  • Additional information, references, podcasts, and links

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1:1 health coaching

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