This course is built to help you prioritise happiness

Why happiness? 

What is it that you look for in life? If you were to narrow your goals all down to one word, would it be that you want to be happier?

You're perfect for this program if:

  1. You want to be happier

  2. Want to understand the science behind happiness

  3. You're looking for practical, tailored, tools and strategies to implementing happiness into your life


Example concepts you will learn & apply

Did you know happiness = performance?

Society has taught us that "if you work hard, you will become successful and once you become successful, then you'll be happy. Success first happy second."


What if we were to tell you that this formula is actually backwards and that happiness could fuel performance? This concept is developed by Shawn Achor, where we will unpick this science based concept and develop strategies to implement happiness (and therefore performance) into your life.

Happiness is counterintuitive

Taking the latest scientific research across happiness experts and top tier universities, we will break down the happiness techniques that actually work, rather than what we think makes us happy.

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Launching August 2020