Business Challenge

The frustration of having access to healthy snacks is a very real one (we have experienced this ourselves in our professional careers and daily lives!) There is temptation around the office at 3pm, at catered  meetings and celebrations.

When on the go and in between meals the quicker and easier option isn't always a healthy or exciting one. It's during those times that you look for a pick me up treat that is full of only the good stuff, can  keep you fuelled and on track with your health and  wellbeing goals.

The 3pm Solution

Employer of Choice

74% of Australia’s ‘best places to work’ provide healthy snack and drink options in order to maintain high morale (Great Place to Work)

Retain Talent

"More and more companies have realized that providing snacks in the office isn't just a 'nice to have.' It's practically required if you want to retain top talent." (Tiny Pulse)


A 2014 PWC study reports that organisations who have successfully implemented corporate wellness programs could, on average, expect a positive ROI of 2.3. For every $1 spent, $2.30 would be gained (Welleinux 2017).

... I could stick to my diet and still feel like I'm spoiling myself

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