Setting you up for sucess

When we’re young we paint this picture of our lives that we have on repeat. We watch TV, celebrities, adult figures in our lives and by analysing what they do we create this ‘dream life’. As a friend calls it, ‘The Life Plan.’ Some of us paint the picture of where we’re supposed to be at what age. Yours may have look similar to this?
· Married at 26
· Kids by 28
· Working in an office in the city
· Own a big house
Whatever your Life Plan was, that was all you knew back then. Over time you may have adapted your younger self’s ambitions however may not have reached the milestones that you wanted. Now when you reach a milestone age or when you’re out attending friend of family occasions, these may be times where you stop and think,

Have I achieved this milestone?

Am I where I wanted to be at this time in my life?

This build up of expectations has set the tone for how we feel when we get a chance to stop and think about where we want to be. We both have these moments but that’s when we start marking the goal lists and action plan to getting back in control of our lives.

Even with the ongoing learning of tips and tricks to implementing successful habits, learning a new skill, loosing that weight, finding a new partner, these goals don’t come without hard work and discipline. Some people have a negative connotation to the word discipline, however here, we use this in a positive tense. Discipline to us means that

‘You’re committed to where you want to go, and you have clarity on your priorities’

This doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on everything, but it means showing up, making the most of the opportunities and times to achieve your goal.

We need you to show up and do the work. And we absolutely will support you in this and ensure the way that you meet these goals is tailored for you through different expert theories, principles, and ideas we have based on our individual experiences. We are going to help you create the perfect environment for the things that are in your control to get you to where you want to be.

So what’s the solution? A three step framework that we will support you through over the next 6 weeks:
1. Getting super clear
2. Showing up
3. Dedication