We’re so excited that you’ve signed up to this course! We have BIG aspirations for you to achieve the goals you want. And not only that, we are setting you up for LASTING success.

Drawing from scientific and evidence based research and our personal experiences we are drawing out the best parts to teach you the tools and tricks to achieving sustainable goals. Like some of you reading this, we work in the corporate world, have outside passions, want to lead a healthy and fulfilling life, want to take holidays, be spontaneous, have ‘me’ time and uplevel in life.

We know that the years are short, but the days are long. And what you do each day is a stepping-stone to what you living the life you want; if you take those steps, know a few little tricks of the trade and carry through with your goals. We also believe that the goals you want to achieve are doable with a tailored approach for what suits you. We are all working through very busy lives and sometimes want to be spontaneous and do something different, or chillax and do a bit of nothing, however, in-between this, we are going to help you get to where you want to be. With this idea of personalising the way you set your goals means that you can achieve BIG things. We totally agree with Jay Shetty who says:

‘Take small steps towards big goals, not big steps towards small goals’

This is what we want for you. We want you to look back at the end of a year and tick off the big ticket items you had on your list for the year. On our watch, we’re going to –
Take charge of your life and switch to conscious living
Learn the science behind creates lasting, sustainable goals
What holistic health goals and theories to implement them
Which goals are going to help you uplevel your happiness
How to stay motivated
How to hold your goals as a priority and continue to show up and implement them long term
How to show up each week for this course, we don’t want brunch money going to waste
And we want you to feel that you’re moving away from
Being stuck in old ways
Tired throughout the day
And move to
Being motivated
In flow
In control