Quit procrastinating

& achieve your goals through:

- Health 

- Habits &

- Happiness

Quit procrastinating & achieve your goals

Group workshops - limited spots 

What you will achieve:

1) Clarity on the healthy habit that you want to add into your life

2) A tailored action plan to embed this habit into your day/week

3) Start to develop an understanding on how to make the habit last

What other's have said...

Flexible approach to suit lifestyle needs

The 3pm Box is so much more than a program, it is a lifestyle that I’ve been able to take on my own and use in my daily life.

The support from the team with checkins and phone calls when I need them has helped me be flexible with my plan and ensure the skills I’ve learnt with managing stress are on track while still being flexible to adapt them to busier periods and quieter periods of my life.

So happy with my progress!

-Coaching Client

Genuine passion to watch people succeed

Angelica is driven by a genuine passion to watch people succeed. She has a natural affinity for building rapport and guiding people to achieve their goals no matter how big or small.


In seeking to understand the world through her client’s perspective, she challenges their capability, pushing their optimism and success to new heights.


If you are searching for an accountability coach, look no further, Angelica is your girl!

-Coaching Client

Tailored tools & strategies 

The health coaching sessions I've had with Dot have been so informative, understanding and flexible.


I never felt like I was being rushed to be implement new habits and it was great to have someone listen to things I wanted to change in my life and having the tools and strategies to do so in a way that fit my thinking style and life commitments such as work.


10/10 experience

-Coaching Client


What is the Quit Procrastination Workshop?

A: This workshop was developed to give you the tools and tactics to create and sustain healthy habits.

We work through our easy 3 step framework to ensure that you:

1. Gain clarity on your health goal and the reason why this is important to you

2. Create the action plan to achieve your wanted habit that ladders up to your goal

3. Make this habit stick 

Q: What's the benefits of group session vs. 1:1?

A: One great benefit from group work is learning from others, hearing ideas on how they plan to work through challenges and their plan to implement their wanted healthy habits. 

Q: I've been in a rut trying to implement a new habit for a while and have found that nothing works, how will this workshop help?

A: This workshop is really great because everything we teach and work through is based on science. We take learnings from experts, coupled with our personal experience and working with other clients to bring you the best tools and tactics simplified into our 3 step framework. 

Our session allows time to tailor the action plan to what works best for you according to your lifestyle.

Q: How long does the workshop go for?

A: To ensure you're equipped with the best strategies and tactics as well as time to deliver content tailored to your individuals health goals, our workshop runs for 1.5 hours.

Q How is this workshop delivered? 

A: The best part is that this is all online, so you can join this session from the comfort of your home. No extra time travelling required!

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